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Vitiligo is an acquired disease characterized by the continuous disappearance of usual  pigmentation in variously shaped and sized white, smooth sharply defined patches with hyper pigmented borders’ .

Symptoms of vitiligo
  • White spots or patches on skin
  • Hair color becomes white
  • Vitiligo affects retina of eyes.
  • Causes of Vitiligo
    The central cause of Vitiligo is depigmentation in cells. Our body acquires melanocytes cells in body, which produce melanin cells. Melanins are the yellowish, brownish, or blackis pigments that determine the skin color. It also acts as a sunscreen that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of sun. When melanin cells stops producing pigmentary cells (a coloring matter in the cells & tissues of skin) in body, then the skin becomes depigmented and shows white patches. 

    In order to define others factors, associated with depigmentation in cells, are:

    Heredity or Universal
    Many patient found in vitiligo skin disorder, because of their family history of being attached with this disease.

    Emotional factors like hyper stress, tension, anxiety etc.
    Vitiligo can be appeared by taking high level of stress & tension. These emotional factors negatively affect the health.

    Dietary Insufficiency like lacking of calcium, vitamins in body
    De to the absence of nutritional factors, calcium, protein, cuprous-minerals the cells become dry & dull, and there is chances of the appearance of this disease.

    Old physical injury
    Mostly in children’s old physical injury like, cuts can change the skin coloration, which further can damages the pigmentary production cells.

    Sun exposure or sun burn etc…
    Due to the less sensitivity of facing sun light, many people indulge in the disease, if they face a sun ray, which damages the skin cells & tissues and pigmentary cells.

    Classification of Vitiligo


    Focal Vitiligo
    On single area one or more then one whitish macules or patches, but not clearly in segmental form. In simple words, it is localized to a single area.

    Segmental Vitiligo
    white patches are appeared on one or few limited areas of the body.


    In this case of Vitiligo, only the mucous membrane is affected.

    Face, feet are affected by this disease, not the others (centre) body parts.

    whitish patches on all body parts that spreads broadly


    Together form of acrofascial, and segmental and many other types of Vitiligo, is known as mixed Vitiligo.

    Complete or Universal
    Naturally, a person has been found in the disease.

    Is Diagnose of disease is difficult?
    No… diagnose of the disease is too easy, due to the appearance of white spots or patches on skin. A physician can easily diagnose the patient’s condition, as the skin becomes dehydrated and looks dull.

    Who is affected by Vitiligo?
    40 to 50 million people in world wide, with the 1-2 percentage of the world, is suffering from the disease.

    Change in Hair color due to vitiligo:
    Due to the loss of melanocytes from the basal follicular epithelium over the hair papillae, hair coloration process changed. It can be turn in to white or in gray.

    Will the depigmentation patches Spreads?
    Spreading of white patches on body is depends on:
  • Patient’s condition
  • Earlier the size of lesions is small, and gradually it becomes larger.
  • It can be limited to some specific parts, or can spreads on all body parts.
  • How can patient indulge in Emotional feelings due to this disease?
    When patients come to know, that he is suffering from vitiligo, he easily loses his confidence, his physical beauty. Unfortunately patient’s relatives and other people around him consider the patient inferior, and thus patient goes into complexity.

    Is vitiligo is curable disease?
     According to the American vitiligo Research Foundation, vitiligo is incurable disease.

    Treatments of vitiligo
    Vitiligo is incurable disease, but yet due to revolutionary changes in medical science, numbers of treatments are discovered like:
    Psychotherapy (for the awareness)
    Ayurvedic Treatment (emphasis on taking food along with medicines)
    Photochemotherapy (Treatment conducted through light rays)
    Homeopathic Treatment etc…